I am one of the approximately 900 whose lives are directly affected by the inaction of the current government with regards to permanent residence.

While my issues and worries may not be of any material concern to the political administration or Cayman constituents, it is because of their legislative commitment in October 2013 that my family is now in a position of grave uncertainty with regards to our careers, our ability to earn a livelihood … and the education of our children.

My eldest is four and should be starting school next year and as any parent knows, getting into school is not straightforward. Their name should be on a list years in advance of the start date, but when you do not know where you will be living or when you have to make that move, where do you put their names?

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Why not leave, you say? We are hanging on because we did not spend the last 10 years building a home, a family, friends and our careers in this exquisite and unique island for nothing. We chose to come here, to work hard, to enjoy our family, to give back and to become part of this vibrant community. Yes, we are not born here, but this is our life for the last 10 years. We are part of this community, like it or not.

I do not feel the need to separate myself from Caymanians, I have lived among you for 10 years and you are my friends and my colleagues.

We went through the arduous and expensive process of applying for PR because per your legislative decree it looked like we reconciled with your requirements, we ticked the boxes, or so we were led to believe. We have respectfully adhered to all of the immigration procedures and rules over 10 years, and are happy to continue to do so, but you promised us if we met X, Y and Z we would be given permission to continue working and contributing and promoting this country. Yet you’ve reneged on your promise. It feels like a slap in the face!

It’s like telling your child, who trusts you, “You be good and Santa will give you a just reward.” They display impeccable behavior but Santa leaves them nothing … Sad, disappointing and disrespectful.

Concerned Mother

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