From way across the Caribbean, an enthusiastic “big up” to developer Christian Sorensen and Cayman’s National Trust for putting in 20 devoted years to generating the Crystal Caves attraction in North Side now drawing acclaim as a new tourist attraction.

From my familiarity with the region as a traveling musician, where tourism is a vital cog, I can attest to the value of developments that preserve and enhance the unique landscape of a country while simultaneously creating a vivid attraction for visitors as well as residents.

I am very aware of the very popular Harrison’s Cave in Barbados, developed by the same Sorensen family. Recently expanded, it is building on its established reputation as probably the top land-based attraction in Barbados, and to see Cayman taking the same approach with Crystal Caves must be heartening for all the people who see the importance of measured development of their tourism product.

For today’s environmentally conscious visitors, Crystal Caves certainly sounds like a more beneficial addition to Cayman’s tourism product than multi-story towers on Seven Mile Beach, and the movers of this project are to be commended for their dedication and persistence over time in adding even more pull to the North Side magnet using the area’s natural resources.

Dave Martins

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