Where does the buck stop on education failures?

“EDITORIAL – School woes not just ‘on paper’,” Aug. 10

This situation is beyond belief in a country which has periodically wasted millions of dollars on failed government contracts, damages paid to third parties, subsidies paid to keep the Turtle Farm and Cayman Airways afloat, and salaries paid for years to civil servants on “required leave” whilst under investigation for a variety of reasons.

Ms. Rivers is clearly not familiar with the expression – “The buck stops here.”

It is ironic that she was able to enjoy the benefits of an education which led to her achieving advanced professional qualifications, but as Minister for Education, has been incapable of ensuring that Caymanian schoolchildren are provided with the most basic of resources.

What a sad legacy by which to be remembered.

David Wheaton


We had an inspection of our schools and the education department several years ago, and it seems nothing has changed since the external inspection team produced its highly critical report.

Roger Davies


“Review of permanent residence system withheld,” Aug. 16

How can 750 applications be worked on for two-plus years? What are they doing at the Immigration offices?

Let it be clear that government employees are necessary, but somehow this does not make sense. What exactly are they doing? Get your acts together.

With 60,000 people on this little rock, it should be clear what one needs to do to stay here or leave.

This is more brackish than the waters of Fort Myers, Florida. Clarity is always difficult for government … sadly.

Daniel Johns

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