Show respect at beach

Please allow me the use of this medium to communicate my disapproval to the ill-mannered group of persons who on Saturday morning, 4 November, made themselves at home on a privately owned beach just outside Breakers, preventing paying guests of my bed and breakfast property from having the use of the beach and it’s amenities.

Not only did these non paying, uninvited, impertinent people, park their cars directly in front of the property blocking access by property owners and paying guests but they also had the audacity to use the amenities provided including a floating raft. The clasp anchoring this raft was broken by their use and the raft later had to be retrieved by kayak from the reefs over two miles away.

This type of behaviour, although always shocking and appalling, is not uncommon to me. I have had an instance when my husband and mother were cursed by an individual who was simply asked not to litter.

People brandishing large cutlasses have been on the beach taking the coconuts from the lone coconut tree left by hurricane Ivan. I have been on the beach myself with my children and have had people park and come down my privately constructed walkway to make use of my picnic table for their snorkel gear, these people do not have the manners to say hello much less ask permission.

As a Caymanian, I never appreciated nor understand why beach property owners where, as I thought, so uncivil as to post no trespassing or keep out signs on the beaches however, now I fully understand and recognize that disrespectful, rude people are the cause of these signs.

Property owners’ intentions are not to prevent individuals from having the use of the beach or the ocean but indeed to prevent unconscionable persons from using and destroying private property.

I paid the purchase price for the property, I paid the renovation cost, I pay the maintenance fees and I pay yearly to have this property licensed by the Tourism Department as a rental for tourists, locals and residents; therefore, if individuals wish to have the of this use property, they are welcomed and invited to rent it.

Lisa Powell-Ebanks
Tropical Breeze Bed & Breakfast

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