Eat Smart initiative launched at Foster’s

Kids having fun in the grocery store? Learning in the grocery store? What’s this? It’s Eat Smart – part of Be Active & Eat Smart, the health campaign sponsored by Generali Worldwide Health Insurance, Cayman Insurance Centre, and Progressive Distributors.

On a recent Saturday kids roamed up and down the aisles of Foster’s at the Strand looking for clues in the Healthy Food Scavenger Hunt.

Children learned to identify different kinds of beans, read food labels to understand the nutrition in a glass of orange juice, how much water they need to drink each day and what kind of dairy products and juices are available in the store.

‘Taking the program into the community, specifically into the grocery store, is a great way to reach kids and their parents right at the point when they’re making a decision about what kind of foods to buy,’ commented Jennifer Williams, Be Active program coordinator.

‘We want to promote the healthiest foods to kids in the store – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and dairy products. We have to reach them in the same place where they’re receiving a lot of encouragement to buy snack food, junk food – the message of good nutrition has to be right there, competing for their attention.’

Maureen Cubbon, marketing supervisor for Progressive Distributors commented, ‘We wanted to get involved to help educate kids about healthy eating, to encourage them to read labels and understand what’s in the food they eat.

‘All of us are certainly going to eat a variety of foods, some better for us than others, but we need to be aware of what and how much we’re eating and this is a great way to get that awareness started in kids.’

The Scavenger Hunt lasted about three hours. Kids ran or walked through the store to find their clues, complete the hunt and enter the prize drawing for a bicycle, boogie board and other sports equipment.

Tiny feet ran and even tinier hands clutched maps looking for the OceanSpray zone, the bean (legume) aisle, and other special locations where clues could be found.

‘Run! Run! It’s there it’s there!’ said one little boy leading his older brother to the Tropicana Zone.

‘I think it’s great,’ said one parent. ‘It’s a great idea to get kids thinking about this now, and the parents can participate and learn too.’

Volunteers from Generali Worldwide Health Insurance, Cayman Insurance Centre, Fitness Connection and even some children helped out with the event.


The Eat Smart Scavenger Hunt will happen again throughout all Foster’s and Kirk’s locations in late 2006 and into early 2007.

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