Too pricey to visit CI

An overlooked issue is the high cost of getting to the Grand Cayman, as well as additional costs in time and money travelling on to the Sister Islands.

Cayman Brac has lost one resort because of this issue. Whether it was the real reason or not that the Divi closed, financially it is getting difficult for families and couples alike to travel to the Cayman Islands.

I realize taxes take a big part of the air fair fees and people should be pressuring those Governments that levy such a large tax on travel, but the bottom line is what it is and it is too costly to travel to these destinations.

If the Cayman Islands wants to be the vacation destination for the rich and famous only, then expect the decreases in overstayers, after all the rich only represent a small proportion of potential travellers in the world.

All the best to my friends in the Cayman Islands, we wish we could afford to visit more!

Jim Mihalic

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