Vehicles far too fast

For the second time in as many months I have observed a police vehicle on the Harquail bypass attempting to force its way through the line of oncoming traffic at high speed.

Now we are all familiar with giving way to emergency vehicles approaching from the rear, and normally this does not present a safety issue for anyone, but what I observed this officer doing was, in my opinion, was extremely risky, with a very real potential for a head-on collision.

There is no situation, not one, in which putting the motoring public at risk of losing life or limb is justified and I would, with respect, ask the superintendent of traffic to caution his officers against the potentially fatal practice of driving into oncoming traffic in this manner.

The combined collision speed in the two incidents I observed was at times in excess of 80 mph.

Personally I am very pleased indeed to see so many more police cars on our roads, and I am all for strict adherence to our traffic laws in the knowledge that in doing so we create a safer driving environment, but having observed the aforementioned driving practice not once but twice I feel that something needs to be done to curtail it before someone, be it a police officer or a member of the public, gets injured or killed.

John Flatley

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