Today’s Editorial November 20: Pirates Week truly a success

What a delight it has been this past week to see young people getting so involved in district Heritage Days.

It was just another success of Pirates Week 2006.

Too often we have only negative things to say about the youth of the Cayman Islands.

Many people think our youth don’t give a whit about their history or our heritage.

Their participation in the various Heritage Days proved those naysayers wrong.

Instead of putting down our youth and convincing ourselves that they don’t care about Cayman’s heritage and history, we should embrace them and teach them all we know.

What a pleasure it is to hand down traditions.

Most of today’s young people are interested in our past and are willing to keep our heritage alive.

One youngster in at North Side’s Heritage Day could be seen helping bail a catboat with a Calabash.

He wants to learn all he can about the old-time boats and the older generation that grew up building and sailing them were more than happy to impart their knowledge.

How refreshing it was to see this youngster getting involved, using the old method of bailing.

A youngster in East End looked quite delighted when he was shown a pair of wompers, put them on his feet and pranced around.

He learned that the Caymanians who lived here before him didn’t make a trip to the store whenever they needed shoes. Instead they used, again, what was on hand; something for the sole of the shoe and rope.

Heritage Days are an integral part of Pirates Week.

It appears that this year’s Days were quite a success.

Pirates Week itself can be counted as a tremendous success.

And it was sorely needed.

We haven’t had a party like this one for quite a while.

As we remember Pirates Week 2006 it can be a good bet that Dave Martins and crew are already planning a show for next year that will rival this one.

Digicel’s corporate sponsorship of Pirates Week has been a big help, but if the annual festival is to get any bigger, more sponsorship will be needed.

Pirates Week does so much for the economy and reputation of the Cayman Islands.

Just about all of us have a good time and our visitors enjoy it.

We should do all we can to put our support behind Mr. Martins and the Pirates Week Committee to help next year’s event as successful as this year’s.

To all of the Pirate’s Week volunteers and district Heritage Day committees, thank you.

Thanks again goes out to the Seattle Seafair Pirates who have been coming to our shores for more than 20 years, bringing with them worlds of encouragement for our youth and entertaining us all.

We can truly say a good time was had by all.

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