Pirates’ trial entertains

The last Saturday of Pirates Week on Grand Cayman provides both conclusion and continuity to the annual event. The festivities are over for the year, but another good-natured invasion can be expected some 12 months later.


Smiling redcoats guard good-natured prisoners before the trial begins. Photo: Carol Winker

The transitional device is the Trial of the Pirates, during which local actors and seconded friends take the roles of the pirate defendants, judges, witnesses and attorneys.

Of course the pirates are almost always found guilty of something or another and banished from Cayman for another year. Reflecting topical humour, their sentence on Saturday night was to be ‘rolled over’ according to recent work permit policy.

The crowd is always encouraged to get into the act, serving as the jury, responding to outrageous evidence and shouting out their verdict.

This year, the comic skit took place on a small stage at the entrance to Cardinall Avenue on Harbour Drive, followed by fireworks and a street dance. The elements were seamless and the rain cooperated by holding off until minutes before the midnight closing.

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