Poppy appeal successful

I write on behalf of our members to express our deep gratitude to all of those who gave so generously in response to our annual poppy appeal.

Our association was founded in 1978 when our members were charged with the unfailing duty to remember the sacrifices of the men and women who died in the wars and to care for those who survived.

All of our members have served in the armed forces or the merchant marines in war zones and some of them are very old and frail and the number of emergencies continues to increase.

We are overwhelmed by the warm-hearted generosity of the community, which this year has brought about the best response ever.

The funds are dedicated to the purpose for which they were raised, namely to help care for veterans and their widows in time of need.

None of the funds leave the Cayman Islands except a modest amount to maintain our membership of the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League, which represents some 56 Commonwealth countries.

None of our committee receives any remuneration and is proud to give their support to the association.

The careful husbandry of our appeal funds allowed us to assist many of our veterans who sustained extensive damage to t heir homes as a result of Hurricane Ivan; we dispersed some CI$80,000 in immediate grants of up to CI$4,000. The cost of our social activities is met by members on an on-going basis.

We cannot thank the host of contributors personally but wish to mention the outstanding support accorded us by CITN, which gave us wonderful television coverage and unstinting help with collections and then capped this with a substantial cheque.

We thank each and every one of the kind individuals, companies and organizations in both the private and public sector that contributed both time and money to make our appeal so successful.

I feel our Islands are blessed with so many cheerful givers that they merit the love of our Lord.

So be it.

Captain Dale M. Banks

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