Today’s Editorial November 23: Give thanks

Millions of Americans throughout the United States are with family and friends today celebrating Thanksgiving.

While it’s not a tradition in the Cayman Islands, we can use this day to give thanks for all we are blessed with.

We can be thankful that we live in peaceful country; that we don’t have need of a military force.

We can be thankful for our beautiful beaches and serene seas.

This year particularly we can be thankful we haven’t been hit by a hurricane. (Keep your fingers crossed; the season ends 30 November.)

Give thanks:

That there’s food on our tables;

That we’re free to worship;

That you can read this, because it means you can see;

That your windows need cleaning and you get a utility bill because it means you have a home to live in;

That you made it to work and back home safely today;

That we have a national carrier to get us off the island when we get rock fever and back on when we’re ready to come home;

That we have government leaders who truly do care;

And be thankful when people complain about government, because it means we have freedom of speech;

If you haven’t done so lately, thank someone who has helped you out, be it the grocery store cashier, the gas station attendant or the girl behind the counter at the dry cleaners.

Always, always be thankful for family, which didn’t choose you, and for friends who did.

Be thankful for sunny days and rainy nights.

Give thanks for your significant other and for your kids.

Offer thanks for that preacher who is dedicated enough to show up at church each Sunday, even though you may not.

Give thanks for the lady in the choir who sings a little too loudly and off key; it means you can hear.

Give thanks for your co-workers, even those you don’t get along with.

Be thankful for the laughter of children and the kindness of strangers.

Be thankful:

For health;

For doctors and nurses who heal;

For parents;

For grandparents

For each other;

For life.

Every day should be a day of thanksgiving. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.

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