Remax Invitational Knackerfest

The first Remax Invitational Knackerfest, a yearly 35-and-older rugby tournament, was held Saturday in South Sound. It was meant to feature an epic three-way battle between Jamaica Old Boys, Remax Oldies and The Cayman Grizzlies, for the Gemini Cup, when Jamaica had to drop out at the last minute due to a death in their rugby fraternity that same week.

What followed was truly the essence of rugby in Cayman and an indication of the spirit of the club’s playing membership; by invitation, Jamaica sent their Rugby shirts in lieu of their Rugby players and on Saturday captains were chosen and two local teams were made up – James Bovell, one of the Remax title sponsors, Captained the new ‘Jamaica’ Old Boys in green and the Cayman Grizzlies in Blue were led by Marcus Cumber – ‘We decided,’ said Shane Aquart, one of the players, ‘That we should ask Jamaica to send their shirts and play for them because of the unfortunate circumstances in which they were forced to withdraw; it leant a little drama to the match as then the Gemini Cup was still being played for as we were essentially representing Jamaica.’

It was a close, imaginative and fun game all the way, with stern refereeing provided by Jeremy Channon. Several of the oldies showed some of their former glory; Larry Cayaso, his shirt torn half off of him working the left wing and centre and Glenn Whewill, who was by some accounts the man of the match, making several clutch tackles, both for the ‘Jamaica’ side. Marcus Cumber, Dr. Sean and Paul Deegan for the Cayman Grizzlies really played some great Rugby, with Dr. Sean opening up the middle and Marcus scoring two beautiful breakaway tries on the back of it: if it weren’t for the terrible, terrible hands of two of the younger men on the Grizzlies squad who shall go un-named in this report … Johnny Rew and Adrian Porter … the match would have ended far differently but in the end the ‘Jamaica’ Old Boys triumphed over a valiant Cayman Grizzlies squad hanging on to the ball for a true 28-25 victory.

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