Music Extravaganza runs Saturday

Rotary Central is putting the finishing touches on its signature event, Music Extravaganza, with event organizers expect this year’s event to be even more successful than last year’s.

‘Last year’s event was the first since hurricane Ivan and we were pleasantly surprised at the huge crowds in attendance,’ Richard Lewis of Rotary Central said. ‘But with Ivan a bit further behind us, we are expecting an even bigger turn out than last year.’

The event, to be held at Royal Palms this Saturday, is now firmly established as one of the biggest musical events on Cayman’s entertainment calendar.

‘The key thing about Music Extravaganza is that while everyone comes out, has a great time and many prizes are won, Rotary Central also raises the funds necessary to provide the help it has been providing to the community for the past twenty years.,’ Mr Lewis said.

The event includes a full programme of live musical entertainment to suit all tastes, with bands Footloose, Gone Country and Los Tropicanos.

‘Buying one of our Music Extravaganza tickets is a direct contribution to the many community projects we carry out during the Rotary year,’ added Paul Byles, Rotary central’s fundraising director.

With the many prizes available, an evening of entertainment and the chance to help with our community projects, this is a true ‘win-win’ for everyone,’ he added.

In addition to the first prize of $40,000 in the raffle, there are also 10 prizes of $1,000, a seller’s prize of $4,000 as well as many other prizes. Tickets for the event cost $25 and are available from Rotary Central members and resellers. On Cayman Brac, tickets can be purchased from Audley Scott.


Rotary Central has been providing assistance to the community since 1986. The club played an important role, along with the other three Rotary clubs in the Cayman Islands in providing assistance to the needy after Hurricane Ivan. Rotary Central currently has over 60 members from various sectors of the community.

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