Purple Dragon Belt testing held

The Purple Dragon School of Martial Arts held its grading examinations on November 17th and 18th. Karate students had to show that they were capable of moving to the next color belt in various karate disciplines such as sparring and forms. The lowest ranks tested were the white belts which are beginners and the highest were brown belts; which is one stage before the highest rank of black belt. The karate students were judged by 9th degree black belt Professor Don Jacob from Trinidad. About 89 students were successful in the test over the weekend. The Cayman Islands now has 14 new yellow belts, 16 new orange belts, 12 new green belts, 14 new blue belts, 6 new purple belts, 3 new red belts and 18 brown belts.

Apart from just the physical testing the martial arts student were given empowering, positive, confidence building lectures by Professor Jacob who stressed that their training would help develop them into individuals who will be the society joys and not the society nightmares through the development of their self-discipline. More information can be obtained from Sensei Floyd Baptiste at 345-946-1241 or email [email protected]

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