Today’s Editorial November 27: Don’t miss out on Jazz Fest

What a great place to live!

We just dusted off a very successful and totally enjoyable Pirates Week and now we’re looking toward Jazz Fest.

It’s an annual event hosted by the Department of Tourism to bring visitors to Grand Cayman during the slow tourism season.

But residents can take part, just as they do in Pirates Week, and reap the benefits of good music, good food and good times.

Jazz Fest kicks off Thursday at the Westin Casuarina where an intimate crowd of 600 will gather. Friday and Saturday night’s events at Pageant Beach will cater to more.

There, attendees will not only find good, smooth jazz, but they’ll also be able to nosh on local fare and view and purchase local art.

It’s just another way visitors can get a taste of our culture and heritage.

Statistics show that a jazz festival for the Cayman Islands makes perfect sense.

Smooth jazz appeals to the Cayman Islands visitor demographic, which is a household income of more than $100,000 and aged between 30 and 64 years old.

That means people coming to the Cayman Islands to experience the Jazz Festival will have plenty of disposable income.

That’s disposable income they’ll leave behind in the tills of our retailers, restaurants, hotels and attractions.

Besides the immediate economic benefits of the Jazz Fest, the word about Cayman will go out to an international audience, as BET will provide pre- and post view shows on the event.

That means that people throughout the world who tune in to BET will learn about the Cayman Islands through the jazz festival event and many will become potential visitors; again bringing to us their disposable income.

But DoT isn’t just stopping with BET.

Other overseas promotional advertising is being done in the US and includes radio and television commercials along with advertising in jazz magazines and a media push to get travelling journalists to come here to do stories before, during and after the event.

The Jazz Fest is relatively new in Cayman. It’s just three years old.

But each year it brings in bigger and better artists – consider this year’s line-up of headliner Natalie Cole – and more and more visitors.

It’s also a refreshing change of music that we normally get at concerts and in clubs.

Joining Ms Cole will be Michael Phillips and Boney James, two greats in the world of jazz.

The Cayman Islands will also be represented locally as Swanky takes the stage.

That means our own Swanky is again going to get international coverage.

What a kudo to the band and to our country.

The only downside to this year’s Jazz Fest for the local market is that tickets are going fast.

If you’re a true jazz lover and you want to go to Jazz Fest, don’t wait to buy your tickets at the door. Last year the first night sold out in advance.

You don’t want to be disappointed.

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