Today’s Editorial November 30: Cost of living sky high

Here we are staring the Christmas season squarely in the face and the thing that’s probably going to cause the most holiday stress is the high cost of living in the Cayman Islands.

A poll plainly spells out that the majority of respondents worry most about the cost of living here.

It’s bad enough to have to worry about the high cost of daily living, but Christmas brings on added pressure as we try to go out of our way to make sure each child and loved one gets that oh-so perfect gift.

One respondent to our poll said the cost of living is dangerously out of control.

We concur. We also agree that something must be done about it.

While gas prices have come down a bit, utility prices have not.

Some individual household electrical power bills are as much as a monthly mortgage payment.

Thank God for the cool breezes we’ve had lately so people can turn off the air conditioners and open the windows to stay cool.

While the cost of living continues to increase, many workers aren’t seeing an increase in their paycheques, which in many cases is understandable; just as it costs us more to live our daily lives, the costs of doing business is also increasing.

One pollster believes that the cost of living isn’t coming down because ministers and MLAs have salaries that are out of line with what the average wage earner makes and the cost of living isn’t hurting them.

We know that government leaders are aware of the high cost of living; they’ve said so and vowed to do something about it.

Now we’d like to see them act on those words.

A quick way to help cut costs is to review the items considered duty free and enforce that law.

Consider items like cheese, tea and coffee.

All of these items are considered duty free, but the prices attached to them at the super markets are outrageous in some instances.

We know there are costs attached with importing goods to the Cayman Islands.

We know that grocery stores pay exorbitant prices for electricity to keep our frozen goods frozen and our child goods cold.

We know that the cost of doing business is high.

But surely something can be done to ease the burden on the everyday man.

We have pensioners living on fixed incomes. Are they being forced to weigh having a prescription refilled against buying food?

For some the high cost of living is causing their quality of life to slip. And that’s not good.

So please, those with power, take a good look out our poll and listen to what folks are saying.

The cost of living has become outrageous in the Cayman Islands and it’s time something is done about it.

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