Air figures don’t surprise

I saw your front page on air traffic to Grand Cayman. I am not surprised.

My wife and I visited Grand Cayman by air three times this year. We would have made the trip another four or five times if we could have gotten flights.

We are semi-retired and have a house in the shores and it’s not like our schedules aren’t some what flexible.

I do some consulting with builders and developers across US and we have tried to schedule meetings at our house in the shores and have not been able to schedule a group from across the US to meet in Grand Cayman. Having a place to schedule business meetings in Grand Cayman was one of the reasons we built the home in Grand Cayman.

We had our daughter (family of five) from Portland, Oregon, visit us in Grand Cayman this summer. Our other daughter (family of seven) from Texas could not get reservations.

Three months ago we started working on getting our family from Oregon and Texas to join us in Grand Cayman for Thanksgiving (that’s 14 people) and we could not get reservations.

I suggest you investigate air line schedules and fares. I think you will find the problem with drop in air traffic into Grand Cayman.

Jack Robinson

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