Kudos to CAL employee

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were returning to Cayman Brac from Minnesota and our plane was late arriving in Miami.

We had a short time connection to Cayman Airways’ flight to Grand Cayman and the Brac and feared that our baggage and cat would make it and we would not.

I walk slowly with a cane and no wheelchairs were available so we were even more pressed for time at the Cayman Airways ticket counter.

A man appeared; Cayman Airways Station Manager Dave Gibson. He had my wife stay at the counter while he took me to and virtually through security.

He left me there, got my wife with passports and boarding passes and expedited our security check.

Dave then took us to the Cayman Airways flight where we were the last people to board.

Thanks, Dave Gibson, for your consideration, your help, and your positive attitude; attributes too often lacking in today’s airline industry.

Dick and Carol Wiltz

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