Poll: Cost of living biggest concern

The high cost of living is the issue that most concerns a majority of respondents to the latest caycompass.com online poll.

Of the 415 respondents to the poll, 219 (52.8 per cent) said it was the cost of living that most concerns them.

‘The cost of living by far is the biggest of problems,’ said one respondent.

‘[The cost of living] is dangerously out of control and our government is spending way too much money with no proper plans in place. Disturbing,’ said someone else.

Another person wondered what could be done about the issue.

‘The cost of living is going up, but most salaries are remaining the same. What are we to do? What is government doing? Because ministers and MLAs’ salaries are so high, they don’t feel the pain that the regular people are.’

Yet someone else commented: ‘My quality of life is going down, down, down, all because of the cost of living.’

The seven-year term limit, or rollover policy, earned the second greatest number of votes, as 109 respondents (26.3 per cent) said that was the issue concerning them most right now.

‘The rollover is like a big cloud hanging over us,’ said one respondent. ‘The Government needs to get the amendments done so people know where they stand. The thought of having to leave my home and maybe not being able to rent it or sell it is cause me great stress.’

Another respondent predicted the rollover policy would have dire consequences.

‘It does not take a political or social scientist to realise that the rollover policy as it stands will create economic instability. When will Cayman’s governments employ social scientists to advise policy makers?’

It was not only expatriates who responded.

‘I’m tired of the Government saying that every Caymanian supports the rollover policy,’ said one Caymanian. ‘We do not.’

Crime was the issue that concerned 31 people (7.5 per cent) most.

‘The police are making progress, but they and much of society is too lax and accepting of everything from Government corruption to fraud,’ said one person. ‘Too many laws are not enforced, or worse, enforced unevenly.’

‘This island is going to the pack,’ said another respondent.

Another 29 people (seven per cent) said the performance of Government concerned them most.

‘This affects all of the other issues,’ said one respondent.

Only 19 people (4.6 per cent) said low tourism numbers concerned them most, while another nine people (1.9 per cent) said some other issue concerned them most right now.

Some of the other issues concerning people included the environment, over development, constitutional advancement, and education.

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