Wellness program targets workplace stress


Work stress is rated as the number one cause of stress in the developed countries, and Cayman, a developed nation, certainly has its share of work-related stress factors amongst both employees and employers.

Studies show that over 64 per cent of employers in the United States regarded excessive stress as the principal health threat facing the company.

Time off for sick leave as well as poor job performance due to illness and exhaustion are on the increase and affect the company at all levels.

With sick staff, the efficiency and smooth running of a business is jeopardized. Employees can lose valuable income due to extended sickness.

Coupled with the fact that many people have fallen into the trap of eating fast-food, therefore limiting their nutritional foundation, many minimize the importance of regular physical activity with the admonishment that they ‘just don’t have time.’

Physical activity is imperative for maintaining good health and a strong immune system. People at desk-jobs and in air-conditioned offices are at high-risk and need good quality outdoor time to get energy circulating and the body moving.

In Cayman, three companies are taking an active role in health and wellness of employees with Lifestyles Corporate Wellness Programs – Trident Trust, Cable & Wireless and Maples and Calder.

These programs are held at the workplace for ease and convenience of employees and provide solutions for handling stress and improving lifestyle without resorting to unhelpful short term strategies which include:

Missing lunch

Taking work home

Putting off tasks

Working too late

Drinking too much coffee/sodas during the day

Using alcohol to relax.

Participants learn the basics of nutrition and how to re-organize themselves in the food department so that life is made easier at work and at home.

Relearning the art of rest and relaxation, handling lifestyle challenges in and out of the office and motivational support guides participants in designing a new style of living.

Weight loss, improved health, renewed enthusiasm and stress reduction are all beneficial outcomes.

So much of our time is attributed to work. Learning to develop new habits will ensure that when work is over, we have enough energy, time and health to make the most of our time off.


For more information on beginning a Corporate Wellness Program, please contact Lifestyles, with Donna at 929-7512 or email [email protected].

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