Ritzy cooking

Grilled chicken galette with fresh basil and Espelette Pimento, Peruvian purple potato hash, guacamole and red bell pepper pesto, from executive chef Eric Scuiller at the Ritz-Carlton.

(Preparation and cooking time 1 hour/15 minutes. Serves four guests)


2 lbs/1 kg boneless chicken breast

1 1/2 lbs/750g purple potato

1 red bell pepper roasted/ seeded/skin removed

3 small onion diced

3 oz/ 100g room temperature Butter

3 oz / 100g non-roasted Pine nuts

2 tbs olive oil

½ cup/ 10 cl heavy cream

1 tbs chopped garlic

1 bunch fresh basil

1 ea avocado

3 oz/100g goat cheese

4 oz/12cl heavy cream

1 seeded/ diced serrano chili

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 eggs

1 lemon for juice

Salt/pepper/cumin to taste

1 tbs Chopped Cilantro

1 Ts dry espelette pimento


Galette – Sautee onions in olive oil until brown, approximately 3 minutes. Separate the chicken in two equal parts, diced by knife the first ½” – ¼”/1 cm. Refrigerate. In a mixer add the other ½ of Chicken. Cut ½”/2cm. Puree, add the eggs when smooth, slowly add the cream.

Espelette Pimento – Remove from the mixer, in a mixing bowl combine the diced chicken with the puree, add the sliced basil and sautéed onions. Fold until smooth, shape like a Burger. Refrigerate.

Pesto – In Margarita style blender combine all ingredients except the olive oil, when smooth gently add the olive oil. The product should be lightly runny. Refrigerate.

Potato Hash – Cut the potatoes in quarters, boil then in water with a touch of salt. During this time make the basic avocado guacamole – diced 1/4 inch/1cm the avocado pulp, add lemon Juice so it doesn’t turn black, serrano chili, cumin, salt, pepper. Reserve. After 20-25 minutes the potatoes are cooked, drain, put in Kitchen Aid with a whisk, crush. add butter then the cream. Finish with avocado, season and keep warm.

Serving Time – Grill the chicken Burger until fully cook- 5/6 minutes each side. Pipe with a pastry bag the potato hash on the plate. Stand the burger on the side, drizzle the Pesto on the plate, a bit green leaf lettuce could be added for decoration purposes. Bon Appetit. When the Avocado puree is done, insert the seed in the mix. It will not turn black.


The Espelette Pepper (Piment d’ Espelette), a hot pimento-type pepper, is grown in the Basque Region in the village of Espelette. This spicy flavoured pepper is very popular with French chefs. It has a touch of smokiness, much stronger than Hungarian paprika but not quite as hot as Cayenne.

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