Intern carries on family tradition

Teaching therapy at Sunrise

A young West Bayer is keeping up a family tradition at the Sunrise Adult Training Centre.


Flloyd and mother Bonnie Moxam at the Centre.
Photo: Submitted

‘Being able to work hands-on with people with special abilities and needs has allowed me to appreciate my own life more – especially the small things,’ said Sunrise Adult Training Centre’s occupational therapy intern Flloyd Moxam.

The centre’s therapy programme, including the gymnasium and outdoor activities, is y coordinated by the 20-year-old West Bayer.

Caring for those with special needs is, in his case, a family affair.

Flloyd’s mother, the centre’s Deputy Director Bonnie Moxam, has 27 years’ service in this field.

Recruited straight out of university, she cared for some existing Sunrise clients when they were toddlers. She worked at the Lighthouse School from 1979 to 1992, and has been with the Sunrise Centre since 1992.

Flloyd, who was born around the same time that the centre was opened, is now weighing his study options and preparing to attend university overseas.

He said that being employed at Sunrise over the past 15 months, after graduating from Wesleyan Christian Academy in West Bay, has been ‘a good learning experience – especially seeing that most young people my age are drawn into more traditional careers.’

He added, ‘I saw the need for male teachers, and that was my first direction, but then I saw that there was especially a need for special education teachers. I have now decided upon this as a career.’