Caymanians guaranteed top jobs

New Personnel Regulations attached to the Public Service Management Law taking effect next month will require succession training in Civil Service.

Chief Secretary George McCarty said every effort will be undertaken to ensure Caymanians get the top Government posts.

In responding to a Parliamentary Question asked by George Town MLA Lucille Seymour, Mr. McCarthy said the Portfolio of the Civil Service was committed to grooming Caymanians for even the highest of positions.

‘The thrust of the law and the spirit of the law must be toward the Caymanianisation of as many senior positions as possible in the Cayman Islands.’

Mr. McCarthy said there were no non-Caymanians holding any of the senior positions in Government at this time.

The new Regulations will require succession planning at all levels of Government.

‘This means that chief officers will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies and plans to ensure they have they right staff, in the right place, at the right time, who are properly trained to assume key positions within their organisations.’

Mr. McCarthy said the office of the chief secretary would have responsibility for succession planning for the post of chief secretary, financial secretary, and for all the chief officers. The chief secretary’s office would also have responsibility for overseeing the implementation of government-wide succession training.

A number of key initiatives will commence next month to help facilitate the implementation of succession planning.

Mr. McCarthy said one of those initiatives include developing and implementing a skills and competencies assessment tool for the civil service so that Government can evaluate the people in the organisation and identify those with the potential to ascend to top management roles.

The Portfolio of the Civil Service will also develop strategies to address training and development needs. In this initiative, the planned Civil Service College, which is scheduled to offer its first classes in September 2007, will play a key role.

Other initiatives include developing a succession planning model and templates appropriate for the Civil Service; further developing the Government human resource database system to capture key data on civil service employees; and monitoring, advising and supporting the chief officers in the implementation of succession planning throughout the various ministries and portfolios.

Mr. McCarthy said succession planning was being approached on the premise that it cannot take place in a vacuum.

‘It should be an intensive, comprehensive initiative, much more than a preparation of a list of names that will be tabled if someone vacates a post,’ he said.

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