Film crew visits Craft Market

To highlight the heritage of Cayman, as a Jazz Fest coverage ‘post-show’, a film crew from the American cable network Black Entertainment Television canvassed the vendors at the Cayman Craft Market last week.

With local beauty Derecha McLaughlin of George Town and American Darrin Henson at the microphone, the duo sampled candies, modelled hats and jewellery, and introduced much of the hand crafted work produced by the market’s artisans, said a press release from the Tourism Attraction Board.

The network, commonly referred to as BET, is part of media conglomerate Viacom’s MTV Networks division. BET is the urban equivalent of corporate sibling MTV, with most of its programming comprising hip-hop and R&B music videos, religious programming, public affairs programmes, and urban-oriented movies and series. BET J, formerly The Jazz Channel, is a spin off network launched by BET in the 1990s. VH1, formerly Video Hits One, is another Viacom cable network targeting the lighter, softer side of popular music for the 18 to 35 age group, the release explains.

The Cayman Craft Market is the Tourism Attraction Board’s newest attraction, but it presents some of the oldest known skills in the Cayman Islands. The Craft Market sits by the sea in a festive, park-like setting, just a short stroll from the cruise ship dock in George Town on South Church Street at Boilers Road. The vendors offer locally prepared snacks and domestically made items of leather, thatch, wood, fabric, and shell.

The Tourism Attraction Board is responsible for managing five of Cayman’s most fascinating attractions: Pedro St. James historical site and great house, the authentic Cayman Craft Market, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Cayman’s internationally known Pirates Week Festival, and the natural wonder known as Hell. To learn more about TAB and its attractions, go to

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