Biggest concrete pour at Caymana

National Concrete made one of its largest single concrete pours Thursday on a Hadsphaltic International project at Camana Bay.

Concrete pour

Hadsphaltic International Project Manager Derek Morrison, left, and National Concrete General Manager Garth Arch stand near the Camana Bay building site where there were 890 cubic yards of concrete poured in less than 10 hours on Thursday. Photo: Alan Markoff

Starting at 4am, National Concrete poured 890 cubic yards of concrete for the slab of the subterranean parking lot below the structure known as restaurant row in the project’s Town Centre.

National Concrete General Manager Garth Arch said the pour, which was completed by 1.30pm, was the largest the company has ever done at one time.

‘Our prior record was 648 cubic yards for a base slab also at Camana Bay,’ he said, referring to a pour that took place in October 2005.

‘The new technology and equipment we have invested in allows us to pour a larger quantity in a much shorter timeframe than was previously possible.’

The pour could quite well have been the largest ever in the Cayman Islands. There was a very large pour for the George Town dock back in the 70s, but while that pour took longer – about 36 hours – Mr. Arch said he doubts it would have involved a larger volume of concrete. Because of the technology available back then less volume was possible on any one pour, he said.

Thursday’s pour took less time than last year’s smaller pour because National Concrete recently acquired two new larger and more efficient pump trucks.

The pour marked the start of the next phase of building at Camana Bay; two blocks of buildings that will include up to six restaurants with residential apartments above them.

The buildings will face the Camana Bay harbour that connects to the North Sound.

The parking structure underneath will be for the use of the residents of the apartments, said Cameron Graham, executive vice president of Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd., the developer of Camana Bay.

‘The parking structure is in keeping with our aim to create a compact, walkable Town Centre,’ he said. ‘A subterranean parking lot provides quick and easy access to the Town Centre without dominating the visual appearance of Camana Bay.’