‘Bosun’s’ Adventure Club launched

Boatswain’s Beach, the new home of the Cayman Turtle Farm, has just announced the launch of the much anticipated kids club – ‘Bosun’s’ Adventure Club. On Saturday, 9 December the park offered free admission all day to the public and announced the launch of the new club. The membership booth was filled with laughter and fun as kids lined up to sign-up to become a ‘Bosun’s’ Adventurer, says a press release from the attraction park.

”Bosun’s’ Adventure Club is truly a unique club that aims to provide its adventurous maritime members with the highest quality Boatswain’s Beach experience, and once aboard to immerse all crew in the historical Caymanian culture and natural heritage, while providing adventure, entertainment, educational experiences, and conservation opportunities for both children and adults,’ said the release.

The club also aims to get children involved with its creation and development; truly making it their own. Thus far a drawing competition has determined the logo for the club as 12-year-old Jack Widmer created the unique look of the club’s logo and is the club’s first ever member. He will be featured on the website and always recognised as a contributor to the club, said the press release. There will be other opportunities in the future for children to help design the club. A second drawing competition invites children to create the park’s mascots and win great prizes including free membership. ‘If you missed Saturday’s event call to find out how you can get your free application to sign up for a chance to be the designer of one of four mascots,’ said the release. The deadline for submission is 12 January, 2007 at 5pm.

Each member will receive exclusive benefits including free annual admission, an official VIP card, a welcome package full of great membership paraphernalia, access to the club’s on-line features including a monthly newsletter, and special invites to great Boatswain’s Beach events. Member parents will receive a 50 per cent discount off final entry rate. Adventurers will also receive a 10 per cent discount off any merchandise or dining purchases as well as discounts on conservation and travel opportunities.

‘Call now to jump on board the club that offers the wildest package of adventure for the whole family,’ states the release.

To find out more information on ‘Bosun’s’ Adventure Club or to sign your child up to enter the Mascot Drawing Competition please call Marsha Ebanks at 949-3894 or email [email protected].