Neighbourhood Watch launched in South Beach

Another community has come together to help keep the area they live in as safe as possible.

Last week, Neighbourhood Policing implemented another Neighbourhood Watch scheme, this time in the South Beach (Bimini Drive) development located in the vicinity of Hurley’s, Grand Harbour.

Neighbourhood Policing Officer Constable Everton Spence, along with approximately 19 members of this relatively recent development, came together to instigate the scheme following a community meeting held in October.

Back then, PC Spence conducted a power point presentation on crime prevention and Neighbourhood Watch and today commends the residents for their zealous interest in having the scheme operating in their area.

At the launch PC Spence spoke about the benefits of having the scheme and in more general terms about how Neighbourhood Watch should function to reduce crime in the community.

A Neighbourhood Watch sign was presented to the members who were reminded of the importance of maintaining the scheme through regular meetings, newsletters and events and to continually evaluate how the program is working so ways of improving it can be identified.


Anyone wanting further information on crime reduction initiatives or Neighbourhood Watch Schemes can contact the Neighbourhood Policing Department on 244-2934.

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