Brewery gets environmentally friendly

The Cayman Islands Brewery Ltd is proud to have installed a series of water management systems as part of the construction of its new brewery.

CIB has constructed a unique water treatment procedure for the water that is used to brew the beer, to ensure a highest quality and taste of the beer whilst taking care of Cayman’s natural resources.

‘It takes approximately 10 litres of water to make one litre of the new Caymanian beer and it is important to treat our water supply as a valuable resource,’ said Oliver Wesseloh, project manager at CIB, whose team is preparing to launch a new national beer for the Cayman Islands in early 2007, states a press release.

‘It is equally important that we have installed a waste water treatment system which assures that our waste water is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way as modern technology allows,’ he continued.

A standard water connection from the Water Authority enters into the plant and the water then undergoes an additional purification process called reverse osmosis. As the water enters the brewery the chlorine is removed by an activated carbon filter. Other residues that may still be in the water are removed by the reverse osmosis process ensuring that the water used for brewing is flawless.

‘Our beer is made from a local water supplier and when it enters the brew, after the water purification process, it is in the most pure state that water can be. Water is the highest volume of ingredient used by the Brewery and, after crushing the malt, the adding of water is one of the first things that is done in the brewing process,’ added Mr. Wesseloh.

Water also plays an important role in the cleaning of the plant and brewing vessels. After every brew each vessel must be thoroughly cleaned using a centralized cleaning system, named Cleaning in Place system. CIP is an advanced system which cleans, neutralizes and sterilises the brewing tanks. CIP heats the cleaning water and flushes the equipment with caustic soda which is followed by a disinfectant flush to ensure a thorough clean. Every single brewing vessel, pipe, tank and piece of equipment used in the brewing process undergoes the CIP system. Only then, once the cleaning process is complete, is the brewhouse ready for a new brew.

CIB intends to develop a new culture of returning empty bottles to the Brewery once they have been drunk to further support their environmental philosophies of recycling and so using water carefully to wash the returned bottles plays a key part in this programme.

The final process of CIB’s state of the art water management system is in regard to waste water. All waste water is collected into a septic tank and pumped into the membrane bioreactor waste water treatment system. The treated water system supports CIBs’ environmental philosophies to recycle and the treated waste water will be used for activities such as local irrigation and delivery truck cleaning.

‘The Brewery has put a lot of time and effort in their water management and I’m sure it will pay off both in taste of the beer and for the environment,’ Mr. Sven Luebbecke, technical director of Plan Aqua who consulted CIB in waste water and environmental technology and who supervised the technical installation of the water treatment, said.

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