Deloitte makes impact for national recovery

Last month 20 employees of Deloitte exchanged their air-conditioned workspaces and computers in their George Town office for paint brushes, rollers, mops and brooms and a recently renovated home in Bodden Town.

It was Impact Day 2006, a day when Deloitte’s worldwide offices participate in community projects to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

The Deloitte Cayman team set out to assist elderly resident Charles Brown, whose home has been undergoing a slate of repairs carried out by the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund, said a press release.

Mr. Brown was one of thousands of elderly residents whose lives were turned upside by Hurricane Ivan two years ago, leaving them with ravaged houses and precarious living conditions.

Working along with the NRF, the Deloitte team decided to direct their Impact Day efforts towards making Mr. Brown’s home more comfortable by painting the interior walls. It took eight hours of coordinated and enthusiastic priming, mixing and painting to render the walls a spotless, professional job.

Undeterred, the team did even more. They cleaned the entire house, removed loads of garbage, unpacked furniture and cleaned floors and countertops. Through it all a grateful Mr. Brown entertained them with tales from his youth, in between doing his bit to help.

‘The day was fantastic and the project was incredible,’ was how coordinator of the event Amber Unick, Senior Consultant, Enterprise Risk Services, summed it up. ‘I really think we made an impact on Mr. Brown and our entire team fell in love with him.’

Ms Unick, who coordinated the day’s activity with her Deloitte colleagues, further stated, ‘We are very happy to see the NRF helping community members such as Mr. Charles and it makes us proud be a sponsor of the programme.’

This is the second year in which Deloitte has assisted the NRF through its Impact Day programme.

In June 2005, Deloitte’s Cayman office undertook several community projects at all branches of the Cayman Islands library, The Pines Retirement Home, The Red Cross and some Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund projects.

The National Recovery Fund was also the beneficiary of a donation of US$250,000 from Deloitte for its housing repair programme.


Since it was established on 23 September 2004 to provide relief for persons adversely affected by Hurricane Ivan, the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund has repaired and restored 450 damaged homes and assisted another 400 families who suffered loss, with furniture and major appliances.

The Fund is a private independent trust administered by a board of trustees and relies solely on donations to carry out its work.

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