Solid investment pays off

The Butterfield International Balanced Fund USD Class NAV has reached US$ 20.05 per unit, rising 11.39 per cent year to date.

Investors who have been with the fund since inception in July 1996 have doubled their investment from the initial offer price of US$10.

‘We recognised a need back in 1996 to offer the Cayman Islands public a conservative growth vehicle which had a low minimum and subsequent investment. Previous access to Butterfield’s managed discretionary portfolio accounts was only available to high net worth clients,’ said Head of Investment Services at Butterfield Bank Mr. Steve Evans.

The fund has proven itself to be a very successful vehicle to build wealth and use as the backbone in a regular investment savings plan. For example, if an investor had put the minimum $5,000 in at inception of the fund, and then invested an additional $500 each month, the account would be worth US$91,749.59.

‘Regular investment is the most effective way to build wealth and many investors don’t stay the course. It takes discipline to buy even when markets are falling. The Butterfield International Balanced Fund enables an investor to set up a standing order from their bank account to ensure the investment is automatic,’ said Steve.

To find out more about The Butterfield International Balanced Fund or to book a meeting with Butterfield Bank’s financial planner Brad Bishop call 815-7604.

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