BA apologises

British Airways has got a backlog of baggage at Terminal 4 as a result of a breakdown of part of the airport’s Terminal 4 baggage system and problems with baggage processing.

We are working extremely hard to clear the backlog and apologise to customers for any disruption to their travel arrangements.

We are using volunteers from across the airline to support our baggage teams to re-process the baggage and ensure that it is flown or driven to its final destination as quickly as possible.

We are putting on teams to work through the night to clear the backlog.

We have sent trucks into Europe and also put onto two extra flights to Milan where we will resort the bags into smaller lorries and get them delivered to their final destinations as quickly as possible. Also, freighter aircraft have been loaded with bags and sent to JFK, New York, to further distribute bags for the Americas.

BA is working as fast as possible to reunite bags with their owners; we apologize for the inconvenience.

Patrizia Amante
British Airways
District Manager Cayman Islands

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