Keep Christ in Christmas this year

Thanks to the Compass for the editorial of the 18th of December on the matter of Christmas.

When we go to another country we must respect the traditions of the natives in that nation. Surely if we visit Saudi Arabia or any were in the Middle East or Far East we will respect those nations’ traditions,

Why, when people come to Cayman, do they want to change our way of living?

Recently my wife and I went on a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea,

We visited many ports of call but there was one place that we didn’t like and guess what? We went right back to the ship.

We had an option. I was not going to stay there and try to tell the natives how to manage their city etc.

When you go to Rome do as the Romans do or leave!

As Cayman calls itself a Christian nation please respect our way of living,

We don’t care for Happy Holiday etc.

Merry Christmas to all who read your newspaper.

William Peguero

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