50 years ago: Visits, weather and fishing make the news

In the Jan. 19 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, East End correspondent Charles Dixon wrote:

“Messrs. Ernest Pearson and Stanley Gourzong arrived on the 8th and 10th respectively. They were employed by NBC.

“Mrs. Phyliss McLean and son Dervin returned from Jamaica on the 13th. They spent 13 days there during which Dervin received medical aid for a fractured arm.

“Miss Virginia Pearson left the Island on Mon. to begin a three-year training course in nursing at the University Hospital. We wish her success.

“Jan. 1966 seems to be a very remarkable month as far as the weather and fishing are concerned.

“Over the past eight days there have been very strong showers of rain, groupers are plentiful, and fishermen have been catching large numbers, largest catch being 102, totaling over 950 lbs.”