Speeding driver kills pet

On the evening of 20 December a neighbour’s dog very close to my heart was knocked down on the road from Pappagallo Restaurant leading down to Conche Point.

I saw the car – driving far too fast on the poorly lit stretch of the road – and such a shame that the driver couldn’t find it in themselves to help at the aftermath of the collision – instead he / she just drove on.

Coco was well known and loved in the area and my sympathies go out to his family.

My memories of him will include his regularly joining the pony treks along the beach and the fact he seemingly wagged his tail from the very start to the very end of every day. He was a very well loved and happy dog until his untimely end.

The message I’m afraid is one we repeat over and over and over again – falling seemingly on deaf ears – please don’t speed. It damages too many lives.

Oh yes, and if you are caught up in an accident, please draw upon what’s inside you to help out the best you can. It may not be easy but it is basic human decency to do so. Don’t leave it to others.

Andy Bonner

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