Dog’s deaths caused grief

I live in Beach Bay.

You either live in my neighbourhood or are one of the many people that walk our quiet street for exercise.

You know who you are and you probably know who I am.

The two dogs you killed were Lula and Beba and in case you were wondering what the outcome of your horrendous act was, let me inform you.

I spent seven days with my two dogs at the vets, watching them waste away to nothing.

Slowly their kidneys, then their lungs failed.

I had to put them down before they suffocated while trying to breath.

It wasn’t you who spent the endless hours with them.

It wasn’t you dying a slow, painful death.

It wasn’t you who held them as they passed away.

It isn’t you who has to pay the emotional or financial costs.

A quick, ignorant and malicious act by you has cost my family and the neighbourhood deeply.

I wonder what can possibly be your reward for such actions; then I realize people like you have no conscience.

Your criminal act has set you apart from the rest of us living in the Cayman Islands.

You will reap what you sow, whether it be in this lifetime or the next.

No animal should have to suffer as my two dogs did. And I hope that you never again have a peaceful night’s sleep.

To the wonderful staff and Dr. Neil and Dr. Brenda at Island Vet, thank you so much for your non-stop attention to my dogs.

Your dedication, kind words and tender hearts have made all the difference. And to everyone who has suffered as I have, I am deeply sorry for your loss.

C. Berger

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