Today’s Editorial December 27: Cayman no place for litter

Here we are at the lull between Christmas and the New Year.

Many are still marvelling at the presents they received and others are seriously considering what they’ll vow in their New Year’s resolutions.

We’d like to be of service on the latter.

Why don’t we all vow to clean up Grand Cayman and keep it clean?

The annual bulk waste collection was done before Christmas, and while many people participated, many did not.

There is still too much trash and rubbish on private and public property.

It’s unsightly and unsanitary.

If you’ve still got rubbish from Hurricane Ivan in your yard, shame on you.

You’ve had two years plus to clean up or make arrangements for help to clear your yard.

And don’t adopt a defeatist attitude that there’s no point in cleaning up hurricane debris because another one may hit.

Rubbish (pun intended).

If we are unfortunate enough to have another hurricane hit (and we have had them in December) that trash and rubbish in your yard has the potential to become a flying lethal weapon.

Clean it up.

Everyone in every district in the Cayman Islands should take pride in their homes and their communities.

If you wonder what a clean community looks like, take a trip up to North Side.

The Beautification Committee there has rallied the residents of North Side to keep that district clean.

The residents readily comply and feel a sense of pride.

You can have that feeling too; just get your area cleaned up.

If you missed the bulk waste cleanup, you can still help.

Make arrangements to have your trash hauled to the landfill site. The drop off area is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Those who are sitting idly by ignoring the trash and rubbish around them should be aware; the Beautification Committee is quietly and diligently working to see the country’s litter laws made stronger.

Knowing the tenacity of the Committee’s leader, Heather Bodden, Government will be lobbied until changes are made.

And once they are, look out.

Do yourself a favour. Go ahead and clean up now.

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