Christmas camp is early gift to kids

The Triumph Multi-Sports Camp was held last week and, judging by the constant barrage of smiles of yells from young participants, it was a much-appreciated early Christmas gift. The camp was one of the company’s regular vacation events designed to give kids a fun way to burn up energy and have fun when school is out. This month’s camp was dedicated to soccer. There was some skills work but mostly the kids just played the game and had fun, says organiser Brendan Touhey. The camp averaged between 80 and 100 kids aged 5-13 per day at the Fields of Dreams in George Town. Games are kept small so that kids get plenty of time on the ball.

Campers fight for control

Campers fight for control during last weeks Triumph Multi-Sports Soccer Camp. Photo: Guy P. Harrison

‘It’s great,’ said Touhey. ‘It gets them out, away from the Game Boys. I have two kids myself so I wanted them to have something to do. They love it and when they get home they are worn our and ready to rest so parents love it too.’

Young athletes and coaches supervise the kids. David Hamil, for example, is a former national team track star and currently teaches physical education at two Grand Cayman government schools. He worked the camp along with other knowledgeable young adults.

Touhey says the camps fill up by word of mouth. The popularity is already such that he fears advertising them may lead to too many kids turning up and overwhelming his staff.

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