Auditor General causes stir

A Special Report of the Auditor General on the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal released in late May was still creating news three months later.

Royal Watler Cruise Terminal

Royal Watler Cruise Terminal

The report, which delved into the award of the contracts to build the port facility among other things, suggested the Government paid at least $4.2 million more for the project than it needed to.

The report was critical of the Port Authority management, its board of directors, its former Chairman McKeeva Bush, and of the Project Manager Burns Conolly Group.

The report was also noteworthy because it was released to the public at the same time it was circulated to Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Previously, Special Reports of the Auditor General were circulated to Members confidentially, and the actual report was not made public until after the Public Accounts Committee did its own investigation and report on the subject – a process which often took more than a year.

Days after the Auditor General’s report on the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal was released, it was refuted by two parties mentioned in the report, the Burns Conolly Croup and Hurlston Ltd., the construction company that did the on-land portion of the project.

Burns Conolly demanded the Auditor General retract the report under the threat of legal action. The Auditor General refused, saying that even if there was a way the report could be retracted, he would not do so because he felt the report fair.