Moroccan relaxation at Azra’s spa

Clear your head, chill out, relax, and put some space between yourself and the drama of everyday life at Azra; an exotic Moroccan themed spa.

Owned and managed by Azra Hall, the spa, located at Treasure Island Resort along the West Bay Road, opened mid-October, brining with it a slew of luxurious holistic treatments inspired by the spas of Morocco.

Signature treatments include indulgent baths – choose from buttermilk and honey or detox – and The Marrakech. This pampering treatment utilises a specially blended mud, rich in herbs and spices, bringing a flavour of the east to this small corner of Cayman.

For Azra, Morocco always conjured up a sense of the exotic. She travelled there in the summer of 2006, gaining inspiration and stocking up on products and ornaments to adorn her spa.

‘I wanted the spa to have a really authentic feel,’ she enthused.

Infused with the rich colours and exotic aromas of Morocco, the spa offers a vacation to the colourful east.

Every corner is dotted with Moroccan treasures, from rich detailed fabrics, Moroccan ornaments, lanterns, scented candles, to colourful photos of Morocco taken by Azra while on her travels.

Azra, who has worked as a beauty therapist for the past 10 years, went on a whirlwind visit of the spas of Morocco, from the budget to the well-healed, gaining inspiration.

‘A central theme to Moroccan spas are the baths and scrubs,’ Azra said, an element she has incorporated into her signature treatments.

The buttermilk and honey bath soak is an all natural holistic treatment to soothe mind and body.

Already proving to be a favourite with Azra’s customers, the treatment starts with a Madagascan vanilla scrub to slough away tired skin. The scrubbing effect is stepped up a notch by the addition of Moroccan gloves – think loofah style mittens – which ensure even the most stubborn dry skin areas are left like new.

Next comes the really relaxing part – a luxurious soak in a warm, vitamin rich, buttermilk and honey bath with a choice of French lavender or Moroccan rose petals. Dotted with tea light candles and with soothing music, it’s the ideal Moroccan escape.

An application of whipped cocoa butter infused with essential oils completes the treatment, which leaves skin deeply hydrated and mind and body utterly relaxed.

Close your eyes, relax, and feel transported to the exotic heart of Morocco.

Azra is open Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm. Call 526-2972 or email [email protected]. The spa does a full line of treatments, including manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing.


A priority for Azra is to ensure, wherever possible, products are organic or sourced from Morocco. Oil, scrubs, mud masks and spices hark from the bustling, colourful souks of Morocco. The honey used in the buttermilk and honey bath soak is organic; homemade by Azra’s brother David who works as a beekeeper in the UK. The Eminence line of facial products is also organic, chosen for the immediate results it is thought to give clients.