Today’s Editorial January 05: A time for contemplation

For many Christians, January 5th is the 12th day of Christmas, the day that signals the end of the Christmas season.

The Twelfth Night is also a holiday that marks the coming of the Epiphany, which in Western churches, is primarily associated with the visit of Jesus Christ by the Magi.

Traditionally, the Twelfth Night is the day people take all their Christmas decorations down and put them back in storage for another year. It is bad luck to keep the decorations up after the Twelfth Night, or at least so the superstition goes.

More practically, the Twelfth Night signals the end of the festive holiday season, and a return to the normal routines of ordinary life in Cayman.

For many people, it is time to start dieting or exercising in effort to lose some of those pounds put on from a feast of foods and drinks like egg nog, turkey, Christmas beef and a wide variety of candies, cakes, cookies and pies.

Many residents did not start back to work this week, or at least if they did, they were not working at peak efficiency.

Now, with the holidays officially over and a full work week ahead, it is time to face 2007.

A lot of things have changed since this time last year, some for the better – like the reduction in crime – and some for the worse – like the increase in road fatalities over the past year.

Some of the changes have brought hope – like the efforts to reform the public education system – while other changes have brought struggles for many – like the increasing cost of living here.

Some changes, like the implementation of the rollover policy, have brought controversy and the departure of many people who were a part of this community for at least seven years.

We don’t know yet what kind of changes 2007 has in store for us. Some of the changes will be beyond our personal control and all we can do is accept them and adapt.

But there are other aspects of our lives that we can control with regard to changes.

We can, for instance, make choices to do things to improve our mind, body, spirit, home or relationships.

So while you’re putting up those Christmas decorations, perhaps while munching on the last of a Christmas cake, ponder a bit on the year to come and what you can do to make next Christmas even better for yourself and those you love.