BA apology didn’t work

Happy Xmas and New Year from BA??

After the British Airways apology dated 21 December in the Caymanian Compass, I was extremely surprised to be met by my wife on the 23rd of December minus one piece of luggage.

Further to this was the fact that she was given compensation on the 24th, but as the shops were shut thus proved to be useless.

However, hoping that the luggage would be on the next available flight proved wishful thinking as here I am on the 3rd of January with my wife still without her luggage. As you can imagine this has totally ruined her holiday, as the case not only contained personal possessions but also some items of vital importance.

I have also sent numerous e-mails to BA in London, which has not had the courtesy to reply. I have also tried to call the lost baggage at Heathrow and consistently been met with a voice message of please try later as all lines are busy.

The local staff has been helpful, but cannot give me answers to the simple questions, ‘Do you know where the luggage is?’ and ‘Can you tell me when the luggage will arrive?’

It is beyond belief that a major international company can treat its customers with such contempt and disrespect. It is also hard to believe that in the current climate of high security BA cannot locate my wife’s bag.

Furthermore may be BA needs to be reassuring its customers with a courtesy call to inform them about the baggage situation, rather than causing more distress by there total lack of communication. After all, it is BA that is at fault and it seems that it is us who are doing the running around trying to rectify the situation.

Anyway, my wife has a few days to go before she is due to return to London so thanks again BA for a great Christmas and New Year experience; it will be one that I will not be repeating again as it will be the last time I will be using your services.

Sean Cahill