Are you getting enough veggies?

Many Caymanians were wise enough to get away from it all, (home included), over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday by heading to the Brac. I was certainly glad to get off my own treadmill.

Each of us is different. Not everybody wants peace, quiet, fewer cars and fresh outdoor breezes. For those of us who did, however, the continual feast of playful outdoor activity for young and old alike provided a welcomed break.

Just like in the days of Ivan, we sat under the stars rather than sitting inside controlling the remote and being bombarded with television images. Men went fishing and ladies strolled leisurely along the shore shell hunting or soaking up nature. Hammocks were often occupied. Kids ran about in freedom. Special aromas drifted across the island as cooks prepared daily foods in quantity and quality.

That brings us to the matter of the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables on Cayman Brac. The only lettuce we had was what I carried with me on the plane. Not that we ate much of it amongst the pizza and burgers, stewed chicken and more, but it was good to see something green on the plate.

With diet being such a key factor in maintaining health, and with diseases such as diabetes being so prevalent, Lifestyles recommends food for thought for all people.

Support of a healthy immune system is vital for life and longevity. Diet is directly linked to disease prevention and wellness. Fruits and vegetables are vital foods for health.

Doctors now recommend nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily. That can be difficult for even the most healthy-minded. Juicing, while wonderfully effective, is too expensive for many.

Lifestyles, with Donna recommends Juice Plus for people who are not meeting the daily quota.

Juice Plus is 17 fruits and vegetables that have been juiced and then concentrated down into a chewable or capsule form. It’s real food. Check out the website. The company’s focus is on research, not marketing.

Visit their website at and contact Lifestyles, with Donna for more information on how to order.