Teach drivers the dangers

It happened 27 December around 8pm.

I was travelling with my family on West Bay Road when the Toyota Windom (sedan), colour metallic grey pulled out of the Treasure Island parking lot into the road.

The driver swerved violently to avoid a collision from behind with a bicycle.

She continued to swerve from side to side missing the curb by less than a few inches. On three occasions she almost went over the curb where families with kids were walking along the sidewalk.

Miraculously she did not rear end the SUV slowing down at the Galleria Plaza Round About.

The driver turned right by Indies Suites missing the road and going onto the gravel for a few meters and finally parking at a canal lot house across from Foster Bay Apartments and just before Raleigh Quay.

A young lady stepped out of the driver seat and stumbled around the car toward the passenger side looking for something.
She probably does not know it but her real Christmas present was that day. She walked away without a scratch and so did the surprised pedestrians.

The police were informed. I do not know the final result. I figured I better let the public know about this dangerous driver.

Chances are she will be out on the road again.

At a time when car accidents involving young drivers seem too often, I suggest a school programme where future drivers can observe directly the physical outcome of someone involved in a car accident by speeding and/or under the influence. Perhaps that might make a difference.

Sergio Coni