Caymanian Corey Thompson stars in England

Caymanian basketball star Corey Thompson has signed with the Southampton Trailblazers, a team in England’s national league.

‘So far we are unbeaten in the South/West and national division after round one with a record
8 and 0,’ said Thompson. ‘We are hoping to be promoted to the third division at the
end of the season.’

The first and second place team after the season is promoted. This is the first year the team is playing in the division. They were promoted from the league below.

‘There is a lot of talent on the team,’ said Thompson. ‘The starting point guard played basketball at Chicago Barat University he is one of the best guards I have ever played with. My tryouts with the
team was in late November this was after a few games in the season. The coach
then asked me to continue training with the team after the first tryout. I was signed by the end of November and was officially welcomed on December 3rd right towards the end of round one against University of Wales and Cardiff. In my first game i played 7min and scored 8 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. We won that game 96 to 69.