Playhouse to re-crack The Judith Code

Theatre enthusiasts will once again have an opportunity to enjoy The Judith Code, a play co-written by local theatre personality Colin Wilson and Dody Denman.

It is scheduled to open Friday, 16 February, and run until Saturday, 3 March, at the Prospect Playhouse, Red Bay.

The drama enjoyed a two-week run at St. George’s Anglican Church in October, when its first ever staging served as a fundraiser for the church’s re-building efforts.

The present-day thriller takes its storyline from the apocryphal biblical book Judith, with references to modern-day atrocities highlighted throughout.

The play has a cast of nine and will be directed by Colin Wilson and produced by Helen Godrey. New actors have joined the original remaining cast of three – Maria Kennedy, Bill Bewley and Dennis Hue.

Along with fresh cast members, minor changes have also been made to the script, which Mr. Wilson hopes will improve the flow of the play.

‘It was too long, so I have edited approximately 30 minutes out,’ he said.

‘Some of the characters have also been given more depth and I have also made a small change to the ending.’

The Judith Code, to be published by UK publishing house New Theatre Productions, follows on from a string of successes for the budding playwright, including the published play Magna Carta, staged in Cayman and the UK, and Cry the Night.

Tickets are $20. Admission for children 12 and under is $10. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 7.30pm, Sundays at 4pm. Call the box office on 949-5054.


Judith – Joanna Lawrence

Ayin – Jacinta Mohammed

Holofernos/Hayder/David – Martin Tedd

Angel – Maria Kennedy

Achior – Dennis Hue

Deborah Halpern – Catherine Tyson

Rosie King – Cindy Ebanks

Uzziah – Bill Bewley

David – Richard Tyson