Saving boat wasn’t necessary

It is not surprising that Brackers risked their life to save two women and their boat recently.

The people of Cayman Brac are the most generous and caring people on earth.

Their kindness is also often taken for granted and taken advantage of and certainly was in this instance.

What is surprising is that Brackers had to go through this exercise when I understand the women who owned this boat were advised not to try to go through the channel because of the weather and the rough seas. There are, and I am certain, were multiple options to secure a boat within the reef at the West End and, no doubt, many boats were already secured there.

I, frankly, wish that people like this would never show their face on Cayman Brac.

Friends of mine were in serious danger trying to save this boat and its owners; not to mention the obvious damage that occurred to our precious reef because of their thoughtless and careless actions.

None of this would have been necessary if these women had listened to the advice of experienced seamen on the Brac.

I hope that – like other actions that have been taken by the Cayman Government when ship owners cause damage through careless and thoughtless actions – these women have to reimburse the expenses that were accrued because of this incident and are fined substantially for damage to an irreplaceable reef.

In addition, I hope that they will never forget that it was a mistake that did not have to happen and feel, not only the forgiveness of a island of gentle people, but a grave sense of responsibility to do whatever is necessary to make things right with the island and its people.

Minnie Branch