2007 Digicel East End Surf Challenge: A Renewal for the Memories

It’s been widely said that time flies, but in a couple of days that won’t be all that’s flying around.

The clock is ticking, hours are passing and the countdown is on for the 2007 Digicel East End Surf Challenge, a holiday weekend combining red-hot jet-ski racing, football beach-style, a ‘feastival’ of sumptious East End food and a ‘Total Togetherness’ concert, designed to set the mood for what has become the opening act on a busy year of activity.

The thousands expected for the Heroes’ weekend of 19-22 January won’t have a whole lot of time to ‘settle in’ because come Friday, 19th January the action begins at 9 p.m. with a pulse-pounding, pulsating concert that is sure to get the very live bodies moving to the beat of Edwin Yearwood and others.

‘Others’ in this case include local artists Daddy Stu, Big J and Renaissance Disco. Barbados, the ‘Land of the Flying Fish,’ weighs in appropriately with Monsterpiece, a Bajan DJ who asks no quarter and isn’t inclined to give any, either.

The cost is $10 pre-paid, and $15 at the gate.

One assumes that the appetite for music has been satisfied after Friday’s happenings, but the ‘inner man’ still has needs and that’s what Saturday’s Food Fest is aimed to supply.

This is an ‘all inclusive’ event and for $40 pre-paid all the mouth-watering food and appropriate beverages are available from 4 p.m. to 11.45 p.m.The setting for the 2007 Digicel East End Surf Challenge is the Heritage Field beach, a scenic stretch that has teemed with revellers annually since the inception of the Challenge in 20001. The East End district has the reputation of being home to the best cooks in the Cayman Islands and the things they do with and to seafood dishes is the stuff of culinary legends, which are are aimed to make you come back for more and more. Even though the Fish Tea heroics are two days away, you can expect to drink your fill on Saturday as well. And by the way, there is some music as Eternal Vibes, with DJ Dominic at the controls, will hold sway.

So, there you have it. The build-up is definitely on, and there’s much more on the horizon.

After all that food, it’s natural that a little more pronounced physical activity be the order of the Sunday schedule. It’s the Admiral Administration GOL Beach Football Tournament, which kicks off at 9 a.m.

Football is unquestionably the most popularity in Cayman, and the beach version is catching on here as well as gaining in popularity world-wide. The ‘World Game’ edition of Heroes Weekend won’t see any slide tackling on grass or turf; instead eight 5-a-side squads divided between youth and adult, will have to negotiate Cayman’s answer to snow to lay claim to being king of the beach.

There is no admission charge, but fried fish and flitters, in addition to other local dishes will be on sale.

And then, after all has been played, eaten and drank, Monday 22 January dawns and the climax comes to the weekend when the warriors of the waterways take to the seas to battle for the right to be called the best through 2007.

The organizers of the weekend, Team 2Frenzied, are understandably about the entire weekend, and justifiably so. After all, the crowds have grown with each passing year with an estimated 4,000 in attendance in 2006.

They are there for the thrills, the gut-raw roar of deep-throated speed; the sights and sounds of man versus machine and racer versus racer.

A total of 15 racers will take their machine to the starting point and vie for the honours in Modified and Super Stock divisions.

Spectators should look up and keep an eye out for the ladies this year as two females will mix it up with the boys. There are some rookies on the starting grid as well, and the buzz is that Richard Gonzalez bearing more that a casual watching from his opponents.

The prize is top racer is each division, plus top rookie and a ‘Nayaman’ award, given to the individual who, in conjunction with his team displays supreme competitiveness, sportsmanship and toughness, among other qualities. The top lady will also receive a prize. In all, prize money and other assorted prizes will top the CI$10,000 mark.

Super Stock winner for 2006. Craig Smith, will be aiming to repeat last year’s success as the riders compete over 3, 5, 7 and 10 laps, covering a course which has been said to combine the best in circuit and off-shore racing on the Cayman circuit.

Among the other notables to face the starter Sunday are last year’s top rookie, Jeremy Thompson, 2005 top gun Vance Ramgeet, the ever-popular Billy ‘The Kid’ Ebanks and Don ‘The Mechanic’ Patrick, who exchanges the tools for the real thing as he attempts to chase down the opposition by taking matters into his own hands.

Now in between races, which are expected to commence at 10 a.m.., there will be a lot of other action taking place. The Flowers Bottled Water ‘Fish Tea Cookoff’ is on and last year;s field is back, including Jack ‘Don’t Be Fooled By My Freckles’ Ebanks, of West bay, whose pot was adjudged to be the tastiest in 2006. According to local lore, the fish tea, a potpourri which is widely accepted as having the ability to lead one to have romantic notions and the gumption to carry them out, has patrons coming back for more and more. The only remedy it’s said it to chain oneself to the bedpost with a strong padlock.

The voice of the Surf Challenge, Chuck Taylor, is expected to be on the air again with his concise commentary and informative comments. He will be joined by Kay Dabrio and Banny of Vibe 98.9 FM.

During the day, two lucky individuals will be crowned King & Queen of the Beach and patrons will also be able to show off their moves when the dance contest holds sway.

And whilost on the subject of dancing, there will no no shortage of selections from the likes of John the Baptist, Renaissance and Eternal Vibes disco.

Sponsors for the weekend include: Heineken, Appleton Jamaica Rum, Admiral Administration, Flowers Bottled Water, Dean’s Carpet Cleaning, Cayman Airways, Enviroseal Cayman, Coconut Car Rentals, Automotive Art, Caymanian Compass & What’s Hot, and Vibe 98.9 FM, the official station of the 2007 Digicel East End Surf Challenge.