New softball season nears

With the fall season of adult slow-pitch co-ed softball now over, attention can be focused on the new season, which is right around the corner with the first league games scheduled for February 4th.

The softball league, which is a programme of the Cayman Islands Little League, usually begins in March, but organisers wanted to move up the starting date this year, said programme co-ordinator Alan Markoff.

‘By moving up the starting date, we’ll be able to play all of our games during the cooler, dryer months,’ he said. ‘We’ll have the league over before the end of May, which means rain should not play a factor.’

The adult co-ed programme has become very popular. In the season that just ended, 22 teams participated in two leagues. The talent level in the A-League tends to be a little higher, and the age of the participants a little younger

The B-League is not as competitive, although there are still some very good teams in that league. Still, the B-League is good place for teams new to the programme to start.

The age of the players in the programme ranges from the late teens to the 50s. Some players have been playing most of their lives; others have just started.

‘Slow pitch softball can be played by just about anybody in decent shape,’ said Markoff. ‘It’s not overly difficult to play.’

Co-ed softball rules call for at least three women to be on the field at all times.

‘Some of the women in the league are extremely experienced, while others have just started,’ said Markoff.

This season, if demand to play remains as high as it was last season, the B-League will be further divided into two divisions, with the better teams in that league being placed in the same division.

‘I think this will help make the league more fun for everyone,’ said Markoff. ‘Teams will be playing more teams with their same talents level, which should make the games more competitive.’

The cost to put a team in the upcoming league is CI$1,200, which covers field usage, electricity for the lights, game balls, scorebooks, trophies for the league champions and t-shirts for the members of the championship team.

Games are mostly played Monday through Thursday nights at 8:30, although some games will have to be played on weekends at times to be determined at a team captain’s meeting on Monday, January 29th.

Players or teams wishing to participate in the upcoming league should contact Alan Markoff at [email protected] or on 947-8049 in the evenings and on weekends.

‘If you’re a player without a team and you want to play, you should also contact me and I’ll try to get you on a team,’ said Markoff.