Drill helps prepare Cayman for disasters

Dozens of Cayman Islands police, fire and emergency medical services officers responded to a staged accident along Linford Pierson Highway near the Riding School Friday morning.

Emergency personnel

Emergency personnel at the accident scene staged on Linford Pierson Highway Friday. Photo: Jewel Levy

The scenario was designed as a drill to better prepare the island’s first responders in case the real thing should occur.

Fire crews helped take some ‘wounded’ students off a school bus, which for purposes of the drill, had collided with a an oil tanker truck from Kirby’s Fuel Company.

Everything from the initial four minute response by the fire department, to taking patients to George Town Hospital, to notifying family members was handled as it would be in a real emergency.

‘The victims were well made up, so their injuries were simulated,’ said Hazard Management Director Barbara Carby. ‘I thought their acting was excellent.’

Emergency officials held a closed-door briefing after the exercise to review the incident.