Proud of visiting Marines

Hi, I am a captain on active duty in the US Marines.

I grew up in Cayman until I was 17 and all of my immediate family still lives there.

A relative living in Florida sent me a link to your story on about the 18 January story 4 on Operation Cayman mission and my reaction was to tell you how much I appreciate you telling the story of these brave young Marines.

Cayman is somewhat insulated from the tragedies that occur every day in Iraq and I hope this serves as a reminder of what the US military is dealing with every day with little complaint or regret.

I am on my way back to Iraq for the second time myself next week and hope that I can live up to the standards that Marines like Sgt. Simpson, Cpl. Murray and Cpl. Santiago have set.

My only regret is that I won’t be able to drive up to East End myself and buy them all the drinks they can handle.

If you should happen to see or talk to them before they leave tomorrow please tell them I said Semper Fi.

They will know what I mean.

Henry C Bodden